Monday, November 11, 2013

Report From Bonneville (Way Late)

Bonneville 2013

Let me say for the record that I hate writing. Even the necessary emails that I have to do on a daily basis are often arduous for me. That said I do feel like I have a lot I want to share and that I’m way behind so let me try to catch up a bit here. First Scott Kolb has resurrected his long dormant blog about the 125cc partial Streamliner. Go read it. it has a lot more pictures of the fabrication than I will post here and Scott's description of the process is a great way to get an understanding of just what went into building his bike and you can read about the full streamliner he has in the works. His bike has been the inspiration for my bike he first built it and went to Bonneville in 2006. It is his bike you see in these pictures and it is Team Kolb that is the team I've gone to Bonneville to support (2010 and 2013). Since 2010 Scott has held the record for the Special construction (frame) Partial Streamline (body), normally aspirated, Fuel 125cc. Since 2010 Hence the markings on the side 125cc APS-AF. That record was 146.72mph and still stands. Prior to that he has held 125cc records since he first set foot on the salt in 2006. In February of 2011 we got the chance to do wind tunnel testing at one of the A2 wind tunnels in Mooresville NC.

Also setting the record for worlds
 most meticulously applied graphics!
Scott, Andrew and I go over the
 Sponsorship Graphics
That was an incredibly educational experience and provided a huge amount of data that we used to make improvements to the aerodynamics of the bike. We weren't able to make it to Bonneville in 2012 for financial reasons but this year we did make it due to a large part Scott’s determination and a most of the expense coming from Scott personally. With the improved bodywork and a new motor we were hoping to significantly increase our record. Scott decided to run in the AG class this year as the record in that class was significantly lower than our previous speeds so it was an easy target relatively speaking.
The only person at the event
lighter than Scott,
Aden tries on the bike for size.
Tech Inspection is a game
 of"What will they object
 to next and why
 they are wrong".
 Our real goal was to have the updated bike see the kind of speeds we calculated it should be going (we believe 170mph+) which was significantly faster than what we were running in 2010. In 2010 we felt like the bike never reached its potential mostly due to traction issues but the improved aerodynamics we hoped would help with that.  Unfortunately this year the bike arrived at Bonneville bit under prepared and so quite a bit of time was spent during the first days getting the bike ready for tech. 
At the starting line wait for our turn.
 The People who volunteer at the
 event are always great to talk to
while waiting
When we finally got through tech after fixing a couple of objections from the inspectors there were only 2 days left to racing. We had some electrical issues that showed up at the worst possible times limiting the number of runs we ultimately got to do but all in all it was a success and Scott set a new record in the 125cc APS-AG Class (spec Fuel) of 149.907mph.  

Also along for the ride this year was a film crew directed by noted photographer Jason Brownrigg. you can see he and his crew in some of these pictures. Jason is filming for a pilot for a TV show he's pitching that will showcase various american motor sports and their participants. You can check out the segment on Scott and the Bonneville effort here:


The real reason we go is for the amazing sunsets.
Steering Detail
More info on Bonneville, Bub Speed trials , dates, rules, and the current records for various classes can be found here:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The KOLB 125cc LSR 2013 Edition.

Although I’ve had a dream to race at Bonneville ever since reading about the Blue Flame Rocket Car  when I was  kid in the 70’s it wasn’t until my friend Scott Kolb built a 125cc partial streamliner and started racing it there that I realized now was the time and that I had to get my own wheels on the salt. I first start working on Scott's team in 2009 with my first trip to Bonneville in 2010. In 2010 we set the record for our class and this year we are returning to not only defend that record, but apply what we have learned in the wind tunnel and with a new, more powerful motor and far improved suspension to try to up out record significantly. Bub speed week starts the 24th of August this year which is 3 days as I write this. Here are a few pictures of the bike in Scott's shop taken about 3 weeks ago as we scramble to get it finished and on to the truck for the trip to Utah. Looking at these pictures you can see where I got a lot of the inspiration for my bike.

I'm the one with the Sunglasses

Thursday, April 25, 2013

MakerBot 2

So this landed in out shop today. It was brought to us but someone who is essentially designing an number of aftermarket upgrades for these makerbot2s and wants Chris’s help in implementing them. It the process we get to use this makerbot 2 with express condition that we use it a lot. In fact we need to really torture test it so that we can find the areas that need to be improved. Just an initial look at the machine and it’s easy to see areas and parts that are marginally designed at best and really questionable in some cases. In a way I’m surprised the machine “prints” as well as it does considering how armature the overall design is. And that, said it really does print fairly well for a $2000 3D printer. I don’t have a good basis for comparison as even thou I’ve seen a number of these 3D maker level machines I have never had a real chance till now to compare them to the real commercial rapid prototype machine made by companies like Z-Corp and Stratsys. Let’s see what this thing can do…
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Bonneville 2013 or BUST!

here are the dates for Bonneville 2013:

P.S. Fuck Facebook.

One way or another I will be going this year with the Team Kolb, the 125cc partial streamlinr that inspired this project. However I have never felt a greater fire under my butt to get my diesel bike done and on the salt. I am going to make a huge effort to get this bike on the grid for 2013. Having the fairing done may be a bit out of the scope but come hell or high water I plan on having this bike there. so hopefully that will mean a good stream of progress posts here. stay tuned.