Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Alive!.... Now What?

Tonight a huge milestone. The engine runs! Runs really well! Thanks in no small part to Simon at Specialist Components! Thanks Simon!

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We're faster than you are.

I'm the one with the sunglasses

Back from the BUB motorcycle Speed Week at the Bonneville salt flats in Utah. I could write a book with what I've learned. I think my biggest take away aside from all the memories of a truly awesome time and the thrill of being part of a team that set a new speed record (146.5mph) in our class, is that to get a bike on the salt at Bonneville is a truly monumental task. Especially a s special construction streamliner. If I’m going to have this bike on the start line next year (2011) I'm going to need a small, hell no, a large miracle. That’s just to run. To be ready to the point of actually challenging a record is… well I don’t know. This isn’t self doubt. It’s just my current analysis after seeing where I need to be by the end of July next year. But fuck it! Here we go!
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