Friday, January 28, 2011

Wind tunnel testing

A2 in Moorsville NC ( This is NASCAR country and windowless race shops/top secret speed labs are all over this area.
This is the smaller of the 2 wind tunnels here. The larger one had a NASCAR sprint cup team testing and to see what they were doing and the sophistication of the 2200hp wind tunnel was awesome.
We got the chance to try a number of configurations and experiments with shapes and additions to the body work. Even Small suspension changes can have a large effect on drag, down force and a number of other aspects . Changes to the treatment behind the front wheel even had effect on air box pressure even though the opening for the air box was on top and behind the rider. It's amazing just how complicated aerodynamics can get and how it's all related.


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Monday, January 10, 2011

Channeling Tim Gunn

The clutch slave cylinder on the BMW Transmission takes 6mm banjo fitting. These subsequently don't mate to any standard automotive/motorcycle hydraulic lines or connectors (which are typically -3AN or double flare here in the states). So where do you find a -3AM to 6mm banjo fitting? You make one.

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