Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making the Simple Complex for Over 10 years!

CDI (Commonrail Direct Injection) Diesel is what is bringing Diesels into the 20th century (yes 20th). Most modern cars with Diesels are either TDI and more and more commonly CDI. CDI allows Diesels to be much more efficient, cleaner with less soot (clean enough that these cars can now run catalytic converters), and quieter Then Diesels have ever been in the past. What's not to love? However where once you had a very simple system with no engine electrics needed, now you have this. The above is a simple schematic of just the aftermarket engine management that I'm planning to use. It doesn't have a bunch of stuff such as EGR and other emissions hardware that it would have if it was a production car. I drew the schematic out in Microsoft Visio over the last few days for visualization purposes, documentation and for trouble shooting. Imagine what the rest of it would look like when you add the complexity of all the other systems in a car. Now to actually wire the damn thing. FWIW I have no idea if this is actually correct. That's the next step. Visio doesn't have many of the symbols (Shapes) that I needed so notice that both the glow plugs and the fuel injectors are actually wingnuts, or wingbolts to be precise, and that all of the sensors are represented by hex bolts. One must make due sometimes.
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