Thursday, April 25, 2013

MakerBot 2

So this landed in out shop today. It was brought to us but someone who is essentially designing an number of aftermarket upgrades for these makerbot2s and wants Chris’s help in implementing them. It the process we get to use this makerbot 2 with express condition that we use it a lot. In fact we need to really torture test it so that we can find the areas that need to be improved. Just an initial look at the machine and it’s easy to see areas and parts that are marginally designed at best and really questionable in some cases. In a way I’m surprised the machine “prints” as well as it does considering how armature the overall design is. And that, said it really does print fairly well for a $2000 3D printer. I don’t have a good basis for comparison as even thou I’ve seen a number of these 3D maker level machines I have never had a real chance till now to compare them to the real commercial rapid prototype machine made by companies like Z-Corp and Stratsys. Let’s see what this thing can do…
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