Monday, December 19, 2016

New Post Every Week?

Part of the reason I'm posting to this blog is to tell this story for my own understanding. I'm going to not only document the building but try to include more of the overall details as well as some of the color to try to give a more complete picture. I want to try to do a where we left off post and then a where am I now entry but I don't have the pictures for the later yet so I will try to do that those in the next post or two. In the mean time I realized that I didn't post anything about 2014 which was the last time I was out on the salt. There really isn't much to tell as it was very wet. It had rained over the summer and the water that renews the salt in the spring hadn't evaporated and so things were a mess. we were allowed out and there was a course set up but the pits were wet and a mess and progress for most was slow if non existent. However, It was amazingly beautiful. Even more so than it normalcy is, with some of the most spectacular mornings and evenings anywhere ever! I am loathe to invoke the Divine, but this if anything was the hand of god. The pictures don't do the spectacular beauty justice, but here they are, and I hope they speak for them selves.

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