Sunday, October 23, 2011

Front Swingarm Update

I had to modify the front swing arm brace to make it something that I could easily make. In fact the modified part is simpler and was easier to make than my original design. By making the brace tube a single piece with a 192degree bend I was able to make more quickly and more accurately than the previous 3 piece welded design. I call this piece a brace but actually it’s main function is as the mount or actuator for the front shock. The swingarm main tubes are easily beefy enough for the job especially since there will be no braking forces (no front brake) and the lateral forces will be small compared to a street bike that is designed to go around corners.  Any lateral forces induced by turning or lean angle will be due to coarse correction or cross wind compensation and should be much smaller than what the forks of a street or track bike have to deal with.
Top Loop Against the Drawing

Loop In the Lathe Notching Jig for First Cut

Squaring up the top loop in the lathe Jig

The Bosch DWM 40L. Extremely useful for this kind of work. Far more accurate and versatile than a combination protractor square.

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