Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hub Spindle (steering Axis)

As much as I hate quoting the vapid philosophy of pop songs, they do sometimes sum up a thought or two nicely for you when you are too lazy to think of anything pithy yourself. Two such came to mind as I was preparing to write this. An abbreviated version John Lennon (or Allen Saunders) starts us off  “Life is what happens when you‘re making plans”. And the corollary question: How do you make god laugh? The point of all this is that I have been working elsewhere for another company at their shop in Brooklyn, and don’t get to my shop at all these days. I finally managed to get a couple of days to work on the bike and the following is what I have to show for it. This is the king pin or pivot for the hub center front end. It is the 1st op turned from 8620 steel. There will be a 1 inch hole bored through the center and 2 flats machined on the ball to provide faces for the axle spacers to locate on. This will hold the wheel in the center of the axel. As you can see it fits into a top and bottom tapered roller bearing which get loaded together via bolts that run through the hub and pull together the 2 “caps” that hold the outer races. As it turns out this is very similar to the front end that DiFazio filed a patent for in 1968. A copy of which is on line here:


The King Pin in place inside the Hub

And again from another angle so you can see how the "Caps" fit onto the hub and hold the steering bearings. 
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