Saturday, October 29, 2011

CAD and The Devil

Shock Mounting Bracket Water Jet Cut from .188 Steel
Posted by PicasaI know, “a picture is worth a thousand words, and “tell the whole story”. But how useless are these really without some description in the form of text? I find I'm getting in to a bad habit of posting pictures with the intention of adding text later then conveniently forgetting to do so. I posted these pictures after I revised the swing arm design to make it more functional and easier to build. I still had to modify the 2 plates that were added as I decided that sliding them on to the tubes was a bad way to fabricate everything and that there was no need. Instead I made them so that they just weld on and can be placed after the rest of the swing arm tubes are already welded in place.  I cut a couple of pieces out on the waterjet and once I stop procrastinating and build a jig will tack everything together. Pictures to follow.

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