Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Break Neck Pace

I have been working for a new employer and time to work on the project has been very scarce. On top of that funding has been uncertain at best. However that should soon change with this new job. I have a number of parts designed and ready to machine including the new oil pan, a new transmission adapter plate that has redesigned motor/frame mounts and a number of more ancillary bits. I also need to make the axle and get the hub center front end finished up. I did get the chance to stop by the shop and take some pictures. What you see here is the engine, transmission and rear drive assembled and mounted to the frame table/jig. There is a wooden fixture to do some preliminary rider position layouts and position the front wheel. I have a vinyl cutter and used it to layout a graduated size reference so that I could accurately size the images in Solidworks to use as a sketch background for frame layout ideas.

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