Monday, February 28, 2011

The Mock Up Motor

Taking the valves out is the last part of dis assembling the head, which is the last of the major motor pieces, so that it can be cleaned and blasted. This motor was far dirtier than the first one I got and its main purpose is for mock up and to make fabrication of parts as well as measurements easier. When I reassemble it, it wont have the crank or any internals in it to keep it as light as possible. Eventually I will rebuild this into a running motor and it will be the test bed for developing the new turbo and manifold as well as intake and hopefully cam development in the future. Some day I want to build a street bike around one of these motors and this may very well wind up going that route. I was surprised at just how long it took me to completely disassemble this motor. most of the time was spent in the cleaning and the parts washer fluid is now blacker than chocolate syrup. getting all the black goo and crust out was tedious and after 2 days at it I think I have everything clean and all the remnants of the gasket sealer scraped off. lacquer thinner helped in that regard.

The head out of the bead blaster. that is special masking vinyl and it works great at keeping the bead out of the part. that said I still washed the hell out of the head to make sure that any bead that got in came out. There is a raging debate about beading engine parts, and truthfully I hope to have a soda blast cabinet for this kind of wok and eliminate the worry but for now this is what I have and I have been doing it this way for years.

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