Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Slave to Minutia

Filling the fluids. Crank the motor over at each step and see what leaks. And there are always leaks.
Don't reuse Banjo bolts. This was the cause of the major oil leak I had. The repair manuals on modern machines all stress the warning not to reuse bolts and seals, especially ones that see high stress or many heat cycles etc. Glad that failed here in the shop and not on the course. Next I filled the cooling system. By the oil filter assembly is an oil cooler that is a heat transfer that is cooled by engine coolant. The coolant line that comes from the block was leaking despite new seals. turned out that I had used bolts to secure it that were 15mm too long and they were bottoming out and not allowing enough force to be applied to them to seal properly. Proper length bolts, problem solved. The motor now holds water.
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