Wednesday, July 14, 2010

There's Something Zen About Wiring

I for some reason find wiring or working with electronics calming. The problem is that around here I don't seem to get to concentrate on something like this for very long, so of course this has taken far longer than it should have. Here’s the current state. The main 34 pin Amphi connector is about 2/3 populated. The smaller 21 pin is almost done and then all I have to do is tie all these back to their sensors which are all connected my Metripak connectors so that should be fairly quick. Some of the time its taking is determining what gauge wire to use and that’s partially based on what colors I have available. I dismembered some of the smart car harness to get a good selection of colored wire. Since only solid color wire is easily available new chopping up and existing harness is a good way to get wire with unique color combination. A must to keep everything organized, in even a simple harness like this with about 45 to 50 wires. Gauging is another story but so far I've been lucky with the selection I have. Word of advice; when you are building a connector with 34 pins, start from the middle and work your way out to the peripheral positions. If you try to build it by starting at number 1 then you will be fighting to keep it organized and to insert new pins/wires once you get the first row done. FWIW. I don’t need all this to get the motor running. However, I will want some of these sensors for tuning and still a few more will be part of the data logging to see how the motor is performing overall and where I may be able to optimize

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