Monday, December 5, 2011

My take on Difazios Front Wheel Steering System

Cross Section of the Hub Center Assembly
Exploded view of the Assembly my Assembly in Solidworks
Machined Parts Before Actual Assembly

The Hub Assembled

A quick Note: as of this posting the design isn't finished. I have a mechanism in mind for keeping the rake and trail constant irrespective of the suspension movement. Like wise it will allow easy adjustment to those parameters so that I may experiment after getting things rolling.


  1. Peter, following your project with great interest. I'm a non engineer so forgive my question but how do you know what is the correct material for each part of the hub? Also, what is the turn radius of the front hub? Thanks, Ron.

  2. I'm using 6061 Aluminum which is easy to work with and general pretty strong. 6061 is about the most ubiquitous aluminum when it comes to machined parts. It's not as strong as 70xx but it's cheaper and most of my parts are heaver then they need to be so there is a generous factor of safety. One of the easiest ways is to look at what is being done on current production bikes and use their specs. Usually machining from billet is going to be stronger than anything that is cast so there is an added margin there too.

  3. How does a brake caliper mount to this setup?

    1. There is no front brake. This is a LSR bike and there will be 4 miles of coast after the power is let off. engine braking and rear brake only