Sunday, November 20, 2011

Da Frame, Da Frame

A couple of renderings of the frame model as it is at this point. After running some analysis ( I hack my way through FEA so I only use it as a guide and definitely not some definitive on frame design). I’ve made a number of revisions and I’m feeling confident that this is good and that there won’t need to be much revision from this point. However, only testing will tell. I plan to start fabricating what you see here shortly and have something of a rolling bike by the end of the year. That’s the goal anyway. I have to give props to Chris Cosentino and Tony Foale for input and insight on the process that lead to this frame design have given me the confidence to proceed from here. Although not pictured here, the front suspension was designed with Chris’s help using Tony’s suspension analysis software. I highly recommend both the software and Tony’s book on chassis design for anyone building any bike or those that just want a better understanding of how and why a motorcycle frame works.  Even if you are building Choppers, this book will give you the understanding to actually build a chopper that *gasp* handles well.

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