Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let the Frames Begin!

Things are looking more cohesive. I took a small library of pictures to use as references for modeling some parts and for layout of other parts like the rider position and subsequently the frame.  With these images I can roughly determine the engine position and where the front wheel and front swing arm will be which will allow me to play with the preliminary shape of the body work. It will also allow me to start laying out the controls and start planning spaces for all of the components such as the cooling system, fuel tank and air tank that will all need to ne nested within the bodywork.

Taking pictures of the rider (me) on the rider position jig. it was 105 Degrees F in the shop and as humid as a roman bath. I really need to get a remote control for the D80. Yes I have 2 digital cameras. BTW this in HD if you want to really see the detail of me sweating like Al Goldstein.
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