Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hub Something Something

Indicating to find the center

The VMC makes short work of the 10 5x.8mm tapped holes on each end of the hub that the steering arms and steering damper arm will bolt to.

Here is an overview of the hub with the 2 end caps assembled and the 80mm main wheel bearing slid into place. the wheel bearings slide on to the hub and will be held in place by the larger outer inserts that I have yet to machine that come together and secure to the Kawasaki rim.

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  2. Hi, on one of the shots you can see a bearing reference number of 6914Z, the dimension of these bearings is bore 70mm, outer diameter 100mm width 16mm yet you state them as being 80mm bearings, is this wrong or am I missing something?! I miss your updates. Ron.