Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spend a day to Save WHAT???

My new Steel version is on the left, the aluminum OEM on the right.

The rear swing arm  assembly I got on Ebay said that it had the pivot bolts in it. Except 1 (of the 4) was missing. So back to ebay and found 2 bolts listed for an R1150/R1100 rear swing arm. Got em for $20 (inc shipping) and thought all was happy happy. Well nooooooo. The 1100 has a different thread than the 1150 and these turned out to be 1100 bolts. Same in every other way. Go to the Web and find that I can just order the one I need from Max BMW for $28. Except you can't just order one, you need to order two! So with tax and shipping it turns into ~$80. I have a lathe and some steel (the OEM are actually hard anodized aluminum) why not make one? So I did, and spent a day to make a $28 part. Of course the other justification for this is that it would have taken 10 days, at least, to get it from Max, as I'm sure they didn't have it in stock. So I feel a little better, and it's always fun making stuff too. And broaching them for the 12mm Hex Key was included.
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